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November 11, 2008

Updates coming already!!

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I am whipping my humans into shape to get this blog updated very soon.

You’ve already waited this long. What’s a few more days right? *grin*




May 5, 2008

I love to eat cake!

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Today was kor-kor Jamie’s barkday and he is turning to the ripe age of 3! Daddy and Mommy brought us to Pawtobello (my second visit) to celebrate it with Uncle Carlson, Aunty Karen and kor-kor Muffin! We had a wonderful time there!

To find out what transpired, check out kor-kor Jamie’s blog at:

Till next time,
Strawberry barks away~!

May 3, 2008

I’ve got a new look!

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Daddy and Mommy brought me to Windy jie-jie’s shop today for my first full grooming with them and because of the horrendously hot weather, they decided to give me a short crop! My scruffy locks are gone~!

Here are some photos which Daddy took of me before he went out earlier.

My new look!
My new look!
My new look!

April 18, 2008

An afternoon siesta

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This was shot by Daddy this earlier this afternoon when I was enjoying a nice afternoon nap with Jamie kor-kor..

Brotherly love..

April 15, 2008

Chilling out with Daddy

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Daddy’s not been feeling well of late so I do what I can to keep him company.. Here are some pics that Mommy took of us chilling out together in the TV room..
Daddy and me on the couch



March 30, 2008

Changing my diet

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Mommy and Daddy are looking to change my diet from my previous diet of pure Canidae kibbles to a pure HCF+BARF diet. Mommy bakes a veggie-meatloaf every weekend for Jamie kor-kor, so now she’s gonna have to bake more so that I can get all the yummy goodness that Jamie kor-kor gets!

Can’t hardly wait!

March 27, 2008

I’ve been adopted!

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It’s a monumentuous day for me, Daddy Matthew, Mommy Megan, and brother Michael. Mommy Megan has just learnt that she is pregnant with her second child and they will have no choice but to give me up.

It’s saddening, I know, but after going through several rounds of serious screening, Daddy and Mommy have found a new Daddy and Mommy for me! And I got a new furkid brother too!

World, meet my new family: Daddy Terrence, Mommy Carmelita, and best of all, big brother Jamie, also a miniature schnauzer like me!!

I am spending my first night here and it is going to exciting! I’m having a reasonably good time so far, though I do miss Daddy Matthew, Mommy Megan and Michael too..

Till next time, barks away~!

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